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So what is LIXFIX?

LIXFIX is an agency that specializes in conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Working with dozens of customers taught us that most businesses know how to invest in traffic acquisition, but for some reason, don’t invest in improving their campaign conversion rates.

Improving conversion rates saves a lot of money!

Here at LIXFIX, we specialize in fixing the leaks in your marketing funnels, freeing you to focus on what you do best.

Whether through A/B or multivariate tests, analyzing and applying analytics solutions on your website and app, running highly-targeted PPC campaigns on several platforms or optimizing your e-commerce store, we’ll do it all!


Optimize All Your Platforms

E-Commerce Website Optimization

The average conversion rate on e-commerce websites is 2%, which means that you’re losing 98% of your users. Our website e-commerce optimization service triggers emotional reactions in users, pushing them to buy more. How do we do that? Contact us and find out.

Mobile Optimization

Traffic to mobile sites has increased this year significantly, but for some reason, mobile conversion rates continue to decline. This happens because a lot of sites and apps fail to invest in improving mobile conversion rates. This is your chance to shine! Learn about our unique methodology that has already significantly improved our clients’ mobile conversion rate.

Landing Page Optimization

Everyone can build a landing page, but building landing pages that converts is an art.
We’ll plan and create a unique design for your landing page according to our special conversion oriented method that talks to your target audience and convinces them to convert.

Google Tag Manager Implementation

Implementing the Google Tag Manager will save you dozens of programming hours and will open most of your analytical marketing bottlenecks. We will embed it properly and make sure that you enjoy it’s flexibility with various digital tools that will make your life easy.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free system, but you need to be a professional to use it properly. Our analytics services include implementation, analysis, drawing conclusions from the data obtained and making sure it’s a key tool in your decision making process.

PPC Campaign Optimization

Everyone knows how to build PPC campaigns, but we know how to locate the “money leaks” in your campaign and fix them! We’ll make sure that you’ll get more conversions with the same budget. Want to know how? Just contact us and we’ll take it from there.

Say Goodbye to Your Marketing Leaks

Our CRO Process

We’ve created a small diagram to explain our unique CRO process.

We make sure that you don’t feel all the hassle associated with extensive testing and research process, and provide only results that are based on data:

Analyzing and Building the Right Testing Strategy

Before you can improve your conversion rate, you have to analyze your business, target audience and market first. Once we have that information, we’ll build a measurement strategy that will provide actionable KPIs to help you make the right decisions from the data.

Implementation and Testing Hypothesis

In our next step, we’ll properly implement the codes from all your campaign sources; we’ll fix your Google Analytics measurement errors and raise a preliminary theory that assesses why you have high liquidity that hurts your conversion rates, leads and sales.

Tests, Implementation and Retesting

After implementation of the above hypothesis, we’ll start the optimization process with A/B or multivariate testing, heat maps, mouse movement tracking and user testing. After improving your conversion rate, we will carry out further tests until we reach the optimal conversion rate.


Driven By Data

You will find a lot of articles online that will explain why you should change the button color to green (or red), or why you should write “Buy Now” instead of “Purchase Now”, or hundreds of ideas for A/B testing messages that sound really cool, but that ultimately fail to improve your conversion rate.

At LIXFIX, we trust what the DATA tells us and not our gut feeling.

The tests we perform on your website will teach you a lot about your users’ behavior. The tests are designed to help you understand:

  • What motivates your users to take action
  • What made them chose one product over the other
  • What causes them to buy on your site and not on your competitor’s site and much more!

Below are some answers to questions our customers are usually interested in:

An efficient optimization process never ends.

The optimization process allows you to learn more about the nature of your users and how they make a decision, that’s why you must continue and tests consistently to familiarize yourself with their habits.

After we improve conversions on our customers’ websites – we continue to analyze user behaviors until we identify additional leaks and fix them!

Our customers know, before optimization and best practices, we focus on building a healthy methodology to carry out tests. Research conducted by found that companies with an organized optimization approach were able to double their conversion rate compared to companies without.

You have existing users who got used to your previous design; that’s cool. The problem is that you’re afraid that they will not like the new design; it’s not an issue. You can run both designs in parallel and allow users to choose between them, allowing you to gradually migrate everyone to the new and improved design.

Many believe that tests should start in the final stages of the acquisition process. Unfortunately, there are those who think that tests should begin in earlier stages.

We believe that it’s necessary to prioritize steps according to the scenario, it’s important to understand the scope and issues associated with each stage, and select accordingly the place where we begin test operations.

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